What's Klarna?

  • Who are Klarna?

    Klarna is the provider of smoooth payment services to more than 70,000 online stores. With Klarna you can easily choose to Pay now, or Pay later . Over 60 million consumers worldwide have trusted Klarna to securely handle their payments.

  • How Old Do I Have to Be To Use Klarna?

    You need to be at least 18 in order to use Pay later with Klarna.

  • How Does Pay Later Work?

    With Pay Later, you can pay for your  Love Leggings order 30 days after your items have been shipped. If your Pay later request has been accepted, Klarna will email you with payment instructions once your order is shipped. Just follow the link in the email to view your order.

  • How Do I Create A Klarna Account?

    Creating a Klarna account is simple, quick and easy. Just follow these three steps:  

    Select Log in or click HERE Enter your email address used when making  a purchase.

    No passwords required, simply select the secure login link Klarna has just sent to your email address. 

    You now have a Klarna account and are ready to shop the simple way and pay later. 

  • I Am Ready to Pay For My Order?

    When you’re ready to pay for your order, log HERE at Klarna.com and make a payment with your debit card. You’ll only need to enter it once and then you can save it for the future.


  • Has Klarna Received My Payments?

    Simply login in HERE to Klarna to check your payment status.

  • What Happens If I Forget My Payment Date?

    Payment is due 30 days after your Love Leggings order has been shipped. To help you pay on time, Klarna will alert you two days before a payment is due. You’ll also receive email reminders.

  • What Payment Options Do I Have With Klarna?

    You can pay your Pay later statement with  VISA/MasterCard debit or credit card online by logging into Klarna HERE

    Payment information is processed securely by Klarna. All transactions take place via secure connections, protected with the latest industry standard security protocols.

    Payments cannot be made by telephone or bank transfer.

  • My Email is not correct. How can I change it?

    Klarna have a Live chat service were you can chat with their customer service team between 9am and 6pm Monday to Saturday here and request your contact details be updated. 

  • Can I send my order to an address other than my billing address?

    Yes. You can enter a separate delivery address at the checkout.

    Klarna, however do recommend that if you are new to Klarna and you haven’t used the Pay later option before, you should have your first order delivered to your billing address. This maximises the chances of your Love Leggings purchase being accepted.

  • How Do I Increase My Chances Of Being Offered to Pay Later?

    To increase your eligibility for Pay Later with Klarna, please eliminate some of the top decline reasons: 

    Ensure your name and billing address match those held by your bank account or electoral roll.

    Ideally your delivery address is the same as your billing address.

    Attempt to order with a lower basket value, if possible.

  • What Happens If I want To Return My Order?

    Only pay for what you keep. If you return some or all of your order, Klarna will issue you with a new statement as soon as the online store processes your return.

    If you have an upcoming payment due date – sit back and relax. If there is a delay in the online store registering a return Klarna will issue a new payment due date for the stuff you decided to keep

  • I have cancelled my order. How long will it take until I receive a refund?

    Once Love Leggings has registered your cancellation or return, Klarna will process the repayment in 5-7 working days. In the case of a return or cancellation of an order where you have not yet paid, no refund will be made.

  • Need More Help Or Have More Questions?

    If you have any questions about your order (e.g. delivery or returns) please contact Love Leggings for help HERE

    If you have a question regarding your payment, or are expecting a refund, please contact Klarna Customer Service HERE or you can call them on 0808 189 3333.

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