Petite Treggings

Don’t compromise on style or comfort with the Love Leggings petite treggings. All the comfort of our premium leggings, with the style of your favourite petite trousers.

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Petite Workwear

Petite treggings are leggings, styled to look like petite smart trousers. Our petite treggings offer you the perfect combination of comfort and style. Check out our petite work trousers, they are sure to be a staple in your workwear wardrobe.

Comfortable Petite Workwear

Our high waisted petite treggings are super comfortable, you can wear them all day long. Just pair with an oversized shirt and plimsoll trainers for a casual look or keep it smart with a white shirt and a colourful pair of heels for a chic work look.

Petite Trousers You’ll Love

You’ll love our petite treggings! They are the perfect petite trousers to help make long days at the office more bearable. Styled to look like your favourite pair of petite work trousers, these petite treggings will keep you comfortable and office-appropriate all day.

Petite Smart Trousers

Tired of struggling to find petite smart trousers that fit properly and are comfortable? You shouldn’t have to compromise between style, fit and comfort. Our petite treggings combine all three to create the perfect pair of petite trousers.

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