Petite Maternity Leggings

Our petite maternity leggings are perfectly designed for women between 4’10” and 5’3”. These short leg maternity leggings are available as over-the-bump leggings, helping to support you and bump as you grow. These are available in our most popular colors including our black petite maternity leggings.

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Short Leg Maternity Leggings

Finding petite clothes that don’t compromise on style or comfort can be difficult. Our short leg maternity leggings are perfect for women 5’3” and under. These petite maternity leggings offer the same comfort and coverage as regular sizes, just with a shorter leg length. Best of all, they’re still available in our expansive sizing, ranging from a US 2 - 24.

The Best Petite Maternity Leggings

When you’re pregnant, your clothing options shrink. Being petite means even less choice or settling for something ill-fitting. Not any more. We set about to create the best maternity leggings for short legs ever. Soft and completely non-see-through, our customers LOVE our petite maternity leggings, and so will you.

Comfortable Petite Maternity Leggings

All our petite maternity leggings are designed to keep you completely comfortable as you grow. From the soft cotton material and cozy brushed cotton lining to the supportive non-restrictive waistband. These really are the best maternity leggings for short legs.

Classic Petite Maternity Leggings

With our petite maternity leggings, you don’t have to compromise your style for a better fit. Our petite maternity leggings are available in our classic blues and black colors offering you unlimited outfit options. Making these the best petite maternity leggings to wear for any occasion.

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