Womens Cropped Gym Leggings

Lightweight, yet supportive, our Cropped leggings are the perfect gym partner. With sweat-wicking and shape retention technology, this style offers a high-rise waistband for a silhouette-enhancing look with a 3/4 cut for less interference during your training.

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Women’s Cropped Sports Leggings

Our capri sports leggings are perfect for whatever activity you throw at them, be that a relaxing yoga session or working up a sweat. They provided unrestricted movement, full support and sophisticated sweat-wicking technology.

High Waisted Cropped Gym Leggings

All our cropped workout leggings feature our high waisted design. High waisted cropped gym leggings maximise support and comfort during your workout whilst still looking stylish.

Capri Sports Leggings

With a stylish 3/4 cut, the Love Leggings cropped gym leggings range is designed to allow you to perform to your highest potential, feel comfortable and look great.

Cropped Gym Leggings with Pockets

Cropped gym leggings must offer convenience and flexibility. Our cropped sports leggings feature pockets, so you can comfortably and conveniently store your valuables during your workout.

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