100 Denier Tights

Created using the highest grade of microfibre, our 100 denier pantyhose offer the perfect finish of a second skin, for the ultimate level of coverage and comfort all day long.

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Colored 100 Denier Tights

Stand out with one of our 18 wonderful colors, like our popular navy opaque pantyhose. Pair your dress with a pair of thick pantyhose for extra warmth and maximum style and comfort.

Opaque Pantyhose

Pair your opaque pantyhose, like our classic black 100 denier tights, with a cute mini dress or jumper dress in the winter months for maximum style and comfort. Our 100 denier pantyhose are fully opaque and perfect for those chilly days whilst you’re out and about.

Winter Pantyhose

Available in sizes up to 18, our thick pantyhose are the perfect choice for the winter months when you need a little more protection from the cold. Our winter pantyhose are warm, thick and opaque making them a great choice for work, casual or occasion wear.

Black Thick Pantyhose

Our thick pantyhose are perfect for winter. You can never go wrong with black thick pantyhose! They offer complete coverage and are crafted from the highest grade of microfibre for extra durability.

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