3 Fashion Rules When It Comes to Leggings

3 Fashion Rules When It Comes to Leggings

From gym-lovers to shopaholics, leggings are having a moment right now and not just in the athleisure and sportswear niches, but in the greater fashion world too. Where once it was declared that leggings should never be worn in replacement of trousers or tracksuit bottoms, style has evolved, and that’s why we've come along!

Now your options are open and leggings are so much better. So, if they really are one of the most favoured pieces in every girl’s wardrobe, from you and me to the celeb elite, have all the golden leggings rules gone out of the window? Well, no.

When it comes to choosing and styling leggings for fashion looks, there are still some rules that are worth following to keep your look on point at all times. We outline our top tips to keeping your leggings at the height of the style stakes.

Find the Perfect Fit

Fit is so crucial to feeling and looking great in leggings. Let’s run over the basics. 

 · Choose a snug-fit, but not too tight. You want the fabric to hug your thighs, bum and tummy but you don’t want them so snug that it’s uncomfortable to sit or bend. Plus, you want to avoid an overhang of skin at the waistband (this is where high waists will save you!).

· Decide if you want the full-leg or cropped look. Don’t accidentally opt for cropped and spend your time pulling them down at the ankle. 

· Fabric helps with fit. Believe it or not, but you should choose to opt for a high-quality fabric that is going to stay in place. Otherwise, no matter how great your leggings look at first, after a few movements, you can end up with baggy knees and bums. 

If you’ve ever struggling to find just the right fit, we feel you. And that’s exactly why we launched Love Leggings. With sizes XXS to 5XL, we cater for all shapes and sizes, enabling you to find a perfect fit of leggings that you just won’t want to take off. 

ALWAYS Choose Quality

Quality wins over styling, colours and prints every single time. No matter how gorgeous a pair of leggings might be, if they let you down when it comes to quality and fabric, you’ll be leaving them at the back of your wardrobe, forgotten and unworn until they find their way off to the charity shop.

 It’s pretty clear that we take our non-see-through fabrics very seriously. This will always remain a guarantee that we stick to, and one of the most important things about finding the perfect pair.

Whether you’re stretching out into the perfect downward dog at your favourite yoga class, running to the shop in your comfiest and cosiest outfit, or relaxing at home in your go-to weekend leggings, knowing that they can withstand every move and never let you down with a flash of skin or underwear is essential.

Choose High Waisted

If you’re wearing leggings for anything other than working out, a high waist is what creates that easy, chic and effortless casual look. Sitting just above the navel, high waist styles hug at your smallest point, flattering your shape and skimming over your bum and legs for an elongated, endlessly comfortable fit.

The fashion rules for leggings aren’t hard. It’s really all about sticking to choices that are going to leave you ultra-comfortable but looking sleek and on-trend at the same time. Like the sound of that vibe? Take a look through the Everyday range for the perfect stylish pair of leggings every day of the week. 

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